Ultrasound Imaging

If you’re interested in gaining more insight into your health, ultrasound imaging can be a valuable tool. At EMSITE, we use the most recent in ultrasound technologies to shed light on patients’ health, assessing many different parts of their bodies, primarily the vascular system. An ultrasound image can help you gauge the health of your vascular system and learn what steps you can take to improve it.

What is Cardiovascular Imaging?

It’s the evaluation of blood flow in the arteries of the body to detect the presence, severity and specific location of the disease. We can observe the narrowing of arteries and determine the severity of narrowing.

It’s non-invasive and does not require exposure to radiation or contrast dye, which can damage the kidneys. It is also a terrific test because it is one of the few that gives physiological information about blood flow in the arteries.

Ultrasound and Lab Packages

Get essential information about your cardiovascular health today. Simply call our office to speak with a staff member and explore your options. For your convenience, we’ve created a series of packages designed to meet your needs and help you save wherever possible.

    • Ultrasound Packages
    • Carotid, Abdominal Aorta, EKG (Heart Arrhythmia), Peripheral Artery Disease:
      $169  (Save $147)
    • Carotid, EKG (Heart Arrhythmia), Peripheral Artery Disease:
      $149 (Save $88)
    •  Renal Artery & Kidney Function Lab Test:
    • Thyroid & TSH:
    • A La Cart Ultrasound Testing
    • Carotid Artery:
    • Abdominal Aorta:
    • Peripheral Artery :
    • EKG (Heart Arrhythmia):
    • Renal Artery:
    • Thyroid:
    • Lab
    • PSA & Testosterone:
    • PSA, Testosterone, Hg A1c, Glucose, Lipid Panel, & CRP:
      $159 Male Package
    • TSH, Hg A1c, Lipid Panel, Glucose, Kidney Function, & CRP:
      $159 Female Package
    • Glucose & Lipid Panel:
    • Hg A1c, Hs-CRP, Kidney Function, & Lipid Panel:
    • Colorectal Cancer Screening: