Ultrasound Screening

If you’re interested in getting more insight into your overall health, ultrasound screening can be a valuable tool. At EMSITE, we use the most recent in ultrasound technologies and equipment to offer precise and accurate information. We take a progressive step in identifying new technologies to always remain current in the industry. We also invest in our technologist development that our staff can always be knowledgeable and informed on new techniques and skills. So knowing the health of your vascular system is an important step to learning what you can do to improve it.

What is Cardiovascular Imaging?

It’s the evaluation of blood flow in the arteries of the body to detect the presence, severity and specific location of disease. We can observe a narrowing of the arteries and determine the severity of the narrowing.

It’s non-invasive and does not require exposure to radiation or contrast dye, which can damage the kidneys. It is also a terrific test because it is one of the few that gives physiological information about blood flow in the arteries.

Your Privacy Comes First

As a provider of screening services, We understand the importance of discretion and privacy. When you visit our office, you never have to worry about disclosing private health information in front of other clients. We have private exam rooms where we as medical professionals make every effort to protect your health information. We're also committed to educating our clients during the screening process. Let us help you stay on top of your vascular health.

Learn About Our Lab Services

Get essential information about your cardiovascular health today. Book your appointment online or call to schedule an appointment to discuss with a staff member and explore your options. For your convenience, we’ve created a series of affordable packages designed to meet your needs and help you save.

Ultrasound Packages

Complete Vascular: Carotid Artery, Abdominal Aorta, Atrial Fibrillation, Peripheral Artery Disease: $155.00 
Vascular Wellness: Carotid Artery, Atrial Fibrillation, Peripheral Artery Disease: $145.00
Renal Artery Screening: with Kidney Function lab test: $155.00
Endocrine Awareness: Thyroid Ultrasound with TSH lab test: $105.00

A la Carte Vascular Screening tests

Carotid: $65
Abdominal Aorta: $65
Peripheral Artery Disease: $65
Atrial Fibrillation: $65
Renal Artery Screening: $125 
Thyroid Screening: $75

Lab Packages

PSA & Testosterone: $95
Men's Health Panel: Prostatic Antigen, Testosterone, Hg A1c, Glucose, Lipid Panel, & C-Reactive Protein: $179
Women's Health Panel: TSH, Hg A1c, Lipid Panel, Glucose, Kidney Function, & C-Reactive Protein: $179
Glucose & Lipid Panel: $65
Glucose, Lipid Panel, & Liver Function: $135
Hg A1c, Hs-CRP, Kidney Function, & Lipid Panel: $150
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Screening: $75

Individual Lab Tests

IGE (Immunodeficiency Disease):$65.00

Lipid Panel & Glucose:$65.00

Prostatic Antigen (PSA):$65.00


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH):$65.00

Vitamin D Deficiency:$65.00

C-Reactive Protein: $65.00

Cortisol (Adrenal Disease):$65.00

Creatinine (Kidney Function):$65.00

Ferritin (Iron Deficiency):$65.00


Hemoglobin A1c:$65.00

Contact us today to request more information about ultrasound imaging, or to schedule your appointment. We proudly serve residents of Suwanee, Georgia, and surrounding areas.