Telemedicine is an interactive and personal approach to healthcare. Thanks to telemedicine, Emsite Health is able to effectively deliver health care to patients over long distances. 

Our telemedicine services utilize telecommunication technology, meaning you can have access to your personal physician from anywhere. Through calls, video, or messaging, our family doctors can adequately assist in diagnosing and treating patients without being in the same room or even geographic location as them. Removing the barrier of finding the time to visit traditional healthcare practices, telemedicine is conducted remotely so that patients can ask questions at their own convenience. Physicians are then able to support them with any monitoring and treatment-related services. 

One of the defining characteristics of Direct Primary Care is that we limit patient panel size so we can spend more time with our patients. Telemedicine further restores the physician-patient relationship by extending access to health care beyond the exam room. 

Communicating with our patients throughout their lives can be very helpful for them. Telemedicine allows patients have that continuous conversation with their DPC physician. 

Telemedicine can offer an efficient, effective solution if you need medical help for general non-serious complaints, including but not limited to: 

  • Sinus infection 
  • Follow-up consultations 
  • Allergies 
  • Cold and flu symptoms 

If you need medical help but cannot leave your home or are traveling, schedule a telemedicine consultation and receive peace of mind. 

The DPC model proves that practicing medicine is much more flexible when it bypasses the complexities associated with health insurance.