Introducing the Non-Invasive Accurate Brand New Multifunction Cardiogram®

1 in 5 heart attacks are silent, but what if you had access to a piece of technology that could determine your risk of heart disease before you suffered from a heart attack? 

The Multifunction Cardiogram® (MCG device) is the only cardiac diagnostic equipment that can detect heart disease early! This means that we can determine if you’re at risk for heart disease early enough for you to reverse the disease before it causes any damage.

1 in 4 People Die of Heart Disease.

The MCG diagnostics provide detailed, personalized, and accurate information surrounding your heart health to aid your physician in diagnosis. The Multifunction Cardiogram® is…


That’s right! No drugs or injections! The MCG test is objective and completely non-intrusive.

Stress Free

No need to worry about harmful radiation or chemicals! The MCG test is painless and stress free.

Just 10-Minutes

The MCG test quickly identifies obstructive coronary artery disease with unprecedented accuracy.

Maximize Your Health

You don't have to become another statistic surrounding heart disease.

Are You at Risk?

Find out early if you have heart disease so you can reverse the diagnosis.

How It Works

This globally tested device is supported by AI technology.

Did You Know That...

...heart disease was the underlying cause of 18.5 million deaths in 2019?

Heart disease is the number one killer of mankind. But, what if we told you that when diagnosed early, heart disease can be reversed. At EMSITE, we have a state-of-the-art piece of technology that is…

…the ONLY unbiased cardiac test on the market
…more accurate than almost all other cardiac tests currently available
…the ONLY test that can detect early-stage heart disease
Don’t let you or your loved ones become another statistic associated with this deadly disease. Book an appointment today to determine if you’re at risk for heart disease.