Price Transparency! 

At Emsite Health, we are dedicated to providing full transparency in our pricing and medical services. Within our direct primary care model a membership covers fees to an extensive list of possible medical treatments you may need, as well as unlimited visits with your doctor. This design was created with the mission of aligning our healthcare goals with yours, so that you always know what to expect from your primary care clinic.  

 Membership Fees 

Registration Fee: $50 per person. Maximum $100 for families that enroll all at the same time.

Individual Membership: 

  • Age 21-45: $60/month 
  • Age 46-64: $80/month 
  • Age 65 and over $100/month 
  • Age 10-20 with parent/guardian membership: $35/month  
  • Family plan discounts (must have 2 paid adults): 5% 

 Employer Membership: No age restrictions

        Registration fee waived for employers