Emsite Health and IV Therapy

IV Therapy

We all love perks. When we start a new job, join a new club, become part of a membership-only store, or move into a new neighborhood, we like to see what is available to us or what goes along with that membership. Emsite Health Direct Primary Care emphasizes a patient-centered approach to healthcare by replacing the complex, costly billing system with a straightforward, low monthly fee. We deliver what matters to you most – excellent care, personalized service, access when you need it, and affordability. Emsite Health prioritizes your health and, with that, the necessary tools to discover and ensure a happy, healthy life. One of the “perks” is access to IV therapy.  

So Much More Than Being Sick

IV therapy is so much more than lying in a hospital bed attached to endless tubes and bags of medicine. With the intravenous delivery of life-enhancing nutrients and natural medicines, this treatment can provide relief and healing for a wide array of health concerns. Our providers will insert a small tube into a vein that allows nutrients to be absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream. This method bypasses the digestive system and allows complete absorption of nutrients, amino acids, and herbs quicker than receiving them from food or supplements. The higher the levels of nutrients and minerals in your bloodstream leads to greater uptake into cells.

What Can IV Therapy Do for You?

IV therapy has been proven to aid in various problems, concerns, and conditions. Some of the most common are the following: Compromised Immune System, Autoimmune Disorders, Athletic Performance, General Detoxification, Heavy Metal Detox, and Fibromyalgia symptoms. The patient-centered approach allows your doctor to spend more time with you to determine which IV therapies would benefit you the most. They have also found that IV treatments don’t just help with certain conditions, but you and your doctor can discuss ways to improve your general health. There are a wide array of areas where patients can use these treatments. 

Our IV Therapy Treatments help with:

  • aging
  • detoxing our bodies of different impurities
  • providing more energy
  • assisting athletes to reach their ultimate potential
  • building up our immune systems
  • helping before and after surgeries
  • balancing hormones
  • relieving migraines
  • …and even a treatment for those of you needing a Monday boost from too much alcohol over the weekend. 

Those of us at Emsite Health want to help our patients feel their best and live life to the fullest.  

It is So Easy and Convenient

With unlimited monthly visits and the IV therapies in-house, this allows for a more convenient treatment plan that can fit each patient’s busy schedule. With each treatment lasting as little as 20 minutes up to an hour, you can easily work into your lunch breaks or between family activities. The IV treatments are also cost-effective because they are available for only a small additional cost for our members. 

IV therapies are only one of the “perks” to this new approach to medicine. Emsite Health puts patients first. The doctors use their time to know their patients and provide the best care, from simple illnesses to just wanting you to feel your best. There are many advantages that Emsite Health has to offer. Make an appointment today so you, too, can live your best life.