Emsite Health

A Solution for Small Business Health Care 


At a time when many companies face the challenge of finding affordable health insurance, Direct Care shows significant savings. 

Healthcare affordability concerns are real. Valuable benefits such as direct primary care can help set your business apart and enable you to keep and attract quality employees. In addition, by  providing Emsite Health membership, your staff is more likely to stay healthy and stay on the job thanks to the preventative care that is inherent to our in-depth doctor-patient relationship. Your workforce will benefit from text and email access to address concerns quickly as well as same or next-day appointments. These benefits will help to reduce absenteeism and keep your employees healthy and happy.  


Emsite Health Direct Primary Care coupled with a high-deductible health insurance plan, can be an outstanding and relatively affordable solution for entrepreneurs and small business like yours. 

Direct Primary Care offers a patient a way to have a physician as a partner, but also how they pay for services – and ultimately, how they utilize care.   

Offering Emsite Health Direct Primary care membership can be an amazing value-add for your employees. 



  • 65% reduction in emergency room visits 
  • 35% reduction in hospitalization visits 
  • 43% reduction in hospitalization days 
  • 66% reduction in specialist visits 
  • 82% reduction fewer surgeries 



Employer Membership: Employees $70/month per employee 

                                                      Same affordable rate per month for employee’s spouse  

                                                     $35/mo. for employee dependents aged 10-20