Employers Offering Direct Primary Care
vs. Standard Health Care

Employers Offering Direct Primary Care

We all are familiar with what standard health care has to offer. Standard Health Care is the traditional insurance coverage you receive from a company when working full-time. Some smaller companies are unable to hire full-time employees due to the cost to the employers to be able to provide coverage. Each month, a premium is taken out of your paycheck, and your employer also pays a portion of that insurance. When you go to the doctor, you present your health insurance information and pay a fee. The doctor will then decide what tests might be needed to diagnose any issues. With each test, there is also a fee and so on. When you go back to your doctor to receive the results and recommendations, you pay another fee.

The direct primary care model (DPC) emphasizes a patient-centered approach to healthcare. What is patient-centered? The patient pays a straightforward low monthly fee. This approach allows the patient to receive what matters most – excellent care, personalized services, access when needed, and affordability. This approach eliminates the complex, costly billing system of standard health care with insurance. Doctors can spend more time with each patient without relying on insurance reimbursement, typically 30-60 minutes. Individuals can relay the extended version of their history. Unrestricted visits enable you to see us as often as you need – and as frequently as we need to manage your care completely.

Cost-Effectiveness of Direct Primary Care

Saving money is a huge advantage to both employers and employees. Unlike traditional standard healthcare insurance, direct primary care approach isn’t prone to significant annual premium increases. When using a self-funded plan, claims are easier to manage, and the total package is lower in cost than conventional insurance. DPC is also cost-effective indirectly to employers that usually provide traditional insurance.

Reducing Absenteeism and Convenience of DPC

Direct Primary Care is patient-centered, which means that employees have a higher level of accessibility to your physician. This accessibility means that there are more same-day or next-day in-office appointments with longer visit times. With the virtual option for a visit, you can communicate through email, phone, text, or video conference from work or home. With these options available, you can get well faster, get advice while recovering or managing your chronic health concerns and miss less work for appointments and recovery time. With the no a la carte approach, employees will not be surprised with additional costs and are more willing to continue and complete their treatment plan. This convenience and prevention allow for more productive and attentive employees.

Direct Primary Care and Employers

The lower cost of the DPC healthcare model for the company will allow companies to increase what they can offer in benefits packages and enable smaller companies to provide healthcare benefits when that was not an option with standard healthcare. The employee will significantly appreciate the exceptional level of care for employees and their families, which will show in that employee’s attitude and productivity.   The use of direct primary care shows the company’s commitment to optimal health for you and your family.

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