Synthetic And Designer Drug Testing

Designer Drugs otherwise known as synthetic drugs, research drugs, or research chemicals—are manufactured to chemically resemble illicit drugs, but may be purchased legally because drug manufacturers constantly change the chemical structure to circumvent drug laws.Often marketed as herbal substances, designer drugs are not regulated by the law in many instances, . Two examples are bath salts also spice as they are commonly known on the streets. Bath salts and spice are often abused for their cocaine- and marijuana-like effects and both have been associated with fatalities.4 People who abuse designer synthetic drugs have suffered a number of negative health outcomes that include anxiety, seizures, hallucinations, loss of consciousness, and significant organ damage. The recent growth in the use of synthetic stimulants or hallucinogens is due to their ability to mimic the effects of cocaine heroin LSD MDMA and Meth. In fact, designer synthetic drugs are found to be more potent and dangerous than their street drug counterparts

Other Screenings

Titer Testing

Titer Testing Can’t locate your vaccination record? We provide titer testing to determine immunity instead of having to repeat your vaccination. Titer testing is affordable

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DNA And Paternity Testing

DNA And Paternity Testing We provide testing to private individuals, law enforcement and legal representatives to resolve paternity disputes, establish child custody, assist with immigration

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