Corporate Drug Screening Services

Many employers wonder whether there’s a better way to ensure their employees are adhering to workplace policies about performance and safety. If that sounds like you, you’ve likely experienced a situation in which substance abuse was to blame. It’s not an uncommon story – after all, it’s one of the reasons drug testing in the workplace is so widespread.

Now you can incorporate drug screening in Lawrenceville, Georgia, into your employee evaluation routine. It’s possible with help from EMSITE, your local source for all kinds of lab services. We offer a full range of tests designed to make employee evaluations easy, affordable, and most of all, informative. Reach out today to request more information.

Drug Testing Services to Protect Your Workforce

Employee drug tests, also known as substance abuse and monitoring services, are an important part of workplace safety. If your employees are impaired by drugs or alcohol, they can be a danger to themselves and others—increasing the risk of work-related injuries. Types of drug tests include hair drug tests, urine drug tests, blood drug tests, pre-employment drug tests, and more.

Drug Screening Services

No matter the type of drug testing you need, you’re sure to find it when you turn to EMSITE. We offer a large selection of tests designed to test for different substances. Best of all, we’ve made it easy to choose tests that are minimally invasive and as informative as possible.


Contact our office to discuss you or your company’s drug screening needs. We proudly serve residents of North Fulton, Gwinnett, Georgia, and surrounding areas.