Direct Primary Care and the Flexibility of Telemedicine

Emsite Telemedicine

Emsite Health uses the direct primary care approach to healthcare emphasizing a patient-centered approach replacing the complex, costly billing system with a straightforward, low monthly fee. Emsite Health delivers what matters to you most – excellent care, personalized service, access when you need it, and affordability.

Taking care of the whole patient is Emsite’s passion. By not relying on insurance reimbursement, we are able to spend more time with each patient, typically 30-60 minutes. Individuals have the time to work with their physician, allowing the physician to have a clear understanding of their entire medical history. Unrestricted visits enable you to see your physician as often as you need – and as frequently as needed to completely manage your care. One of the services provided by Emsite Health is the use of Telemedicine.  

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an interactive and personal approach to healthcare. During the height of the pandemic, telemedicine was necessary to safely manage the routine healthcare of patients. We learned that we can continue to use telemedicine as an effective way to provide many healthcare services to our patients. The direct primary care approach utilizes telecommunication technology, meaning you can have access to your personal physician from anywhere. Through calls, video, or messaging, our family doctors can adequately assist in diagnosing and treating patients without being in the same room or even geographic location as them. Removing the barrier of finding the time to visit traditional healthcare practices, telemedicine is conducted remotely so that patients can ask questions at their own convenience. Physicians are then able to support them with any monitoring and treatment-related services.

Advantages of Telemedicine

There are several advantages of direct primary care. The limitation of patient panel size allows physicians to spend more time with their patients. Telemedicine further restores the physician-patient relationship by extending access to health care beyond the exam room. Communicating with our patients throughout their lives can be very helpful for them. Telemedicine allows patients to have that continuous conversation with their physician. 

Time and money are valuable resources.  Telemedicine eliminates the time spent driving to and from the doctor for routine appointments.  Imagine the convenience of not having to schedule time away from work or making arrangements for child or elder care.  Telemedicine through Emsite Health can provide worry free appointments from any location through On-Demand options. Video or phone appointments benefit the individual by allowing the patient to get the necessary medical treatment in the most convenient manner possible.

Telemedicine not only represents the future of medical practice. It is, at present, a primary means of expanding care to those with limited time or resources.