CEO Brings Executive Care to the Office

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Healthy employees are crucial to a healthy business. In order to achieve this, CEOs must look at the many options available to employers for their company’s healthcare needs and why traditional healthcare models may not be the best decision for both the employees and the company. As costs soar for the standard employee benefits, many companies are looking to create innovative benefit strategies that help control costs for both employers and employees while providing the best medical care. Direct Primary Care is a rising trend that has the potential to change what employers can offer in the way of healthcare.

Health and Productivity

As a CEO, it is necessary to know how many productive work hours the team loses due to visits to the doctor for routine physical exams and checkups. As an employee, it is essential to know how many work hours they have lost personally due to doctor’s visits which, in many cases, translates into a loss of income for the employee. It is also important to note how many work hours are lost due to illness because an employee would not take time off for preventative office visits.

Imagine being the employer that takes away these obstacles. By providing basic medical services and access to primary care physicians, employers could reduce time away from work, increase productivity, and maintain the health of a company’s workforce.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a way for physicians to focus on more comprehensive patient care. There is an annual fee in exchange for providing highly attentive, 24/7 medical care, a lower patient-to-doctor ratio, a variety of appointment options, and costs kept at a minimum. Patients benefit from the additional attention, allowing discussions on preventative health care and individual lifestyle issues.

Direct Primary Care is still new, and companies are weighing the potential options for their employees and their company. Making a switch from traditional healthcare to a DPC is something all companies should consider.

Companies that have made the change have noticed a reduction in absenteeism and increased productivity. Today’s work and social environment demands a creative approach to benefits and what a company can offer its employees. The health of your company employees is essential to your day-to-day business operations, so DPC is worth exploring.

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