Benefits of Direct primary care

The Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Nothing is more important than your health, which is why more and more people want and deserve access to a primary care provider whenever they need one. Whereas traditional primary care involves expensive insurance plans and high costs for each hospital visit, direct primary care gives you unlimited access to your physician for a membership fee. So, why is direct primary care better than traditional primary care? Here are some of the benefits.

You’ll get more time with your physician.

With direct primary care, physicians don’t need to waste appointment time filling out insurance paperwork. You will have more time to speak with your physician and get their undivided attention. At Emsite Health, each visit is around 30-45 minutes. Direct primary care clinics usually have fewer patients overall, so they will also have more time in their schedule for each individual. When physicians rely on insurance companies to get paid, they have to see a minimum number of patients each day to meet the quota— the patient becomes another number. Direct primary care is a much more personal experience that allows you to build a trusting relationship with your care provider.

You won’t get any surprise costs.

A membership fee for direct primary care is paid either monthly, quarterly, or annually. The fee is paid upfront and includes a broad list of services and visits, so you won’t have to go through your insurance. There are no third-party companies— hence the name “direct” care. There is full transparency in the fees and services included, so you never have surprise costs after your visits. Patients are much more likely to visit their physician when they aren’t stressing about the potential unknown costs, which means they’ll likely be healthier in the long run.

You can check in with your provider whenever you need to.

Traditional primary care usually does not offer email or phone consultations because they are difficult to keep track of for insurance purposes. With direct primary care, you can have as many phone calls, emails, and visits as you need. If you have a simple question regarding your health, you can call or email your physician and rest assured knowing it came from a reliable source. It will save you time and stress knowing your care provider is always available and that you no longer need to waste your entire day in the waiting room for something that can be solved through the phone.

You can focus on preventative medicine.

Traditional healthcare costs are so expensive that most people won’t wish to visit their primary care provider for check-ups or preventative measures. Having unlimited access to your physician means that you can come more often and focus on your overall wellbeing, not just treating illnesses. This can help prevent chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, from occurring later on in life— saving you even more money in healthcare costs in the future.

You can choose your healthcare provider.

Most health insurance plans include a list of hospitals, physicians, and specialists that work with their company. If you choose to go to another doctor, you might have to pay out-of-pocket. With direct primary care, you are free to choose from any clinic, physician, and treatment. You can go wherever you feel most comfortable, which makes the experience that much better.