Preventive Screenings Beyond Your Annual Check-Up
Cost-Effective Screenings To Help Prevent & Get Ahead Of Life-Threatening Diseases
Get ahead of stroke or cardiovascular disease with preventive screenings
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Awareness and early detection of disease could save your life
Find out early what could be life-threatening
Live a healthier life with peace of mind
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Preventive Health Screenings

We provide more than 10 Informative ultrasound screening and lab tests within our facility. EMSITE is able to offer packaged and a la carte plans to suit your every need.

Ultrasound Diagnostic Tests

Early detection is vital in order to prevent diseases from advancing to late stages. EMSITE preventive health screening services help identify risk factors associated with heart disease, stroke, and other serious illnesses.

Drug Testing & Lab Services

Pre-Employment drug screenings should be quick and affordable for both the employer and employee. We provide company drug screening plans to help ease this process for your company.

Preventive Tests Can Help Save Your Life

We Provide High-Quality Preventive Tests At Affordable Prices

EMSITE offers a range of appropriately-targeted Preventive Health Tests to identify potential threats to your health. Our Preventive Health Tests help identify abnormalities that may lead to a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm. Health screenings are essential to a healthy lifestyle because the sooner a threat is detected, the higher the success of treatment and the lower the risk of complications. We offer several affordable preventive health packages to ensure you are provided with a comprehensive understanding of your health.

We are located in Johns Creek, GA area close to Suwanee, Duluth, Alpharetta, and Norcross.

Why should you do health screening tests?

EMSITE Preventive Health Services provides affordable healthcare screening and drug testing to individuals with and without insurance.

Awareness and early detection of many serious illness could be what saves your life. That’s why our purpose is to help make you aware of potential health problems that you might be facing, and encourage follow-up care with your regular physician to strengthen their understanding of your total health.


  • Early detection to be steps ahead
  • Prevention of illness progression
  • Peace of Mind to Live a Healthier Life
  • Cost Effective Tests
  • no insurance required

We’re prepared for it all!

“Health is a state of mind wellness is a state of being”